Excellent Resource and Connection Center for all members of the Palestinian American Engineers’ Organization, of all disciplines including Land Surveyors and Architects in Texas.


The Palestinian American Engineers’ Organization is concerned for the wellbeing of its members and is committed to be the Local Resource Center for Technical Knowledge, Career Advancement and Support, and Social Enhancement. We will reach this goal through the following:

  • Provide Technical and Educational Presentations to enhance Technical Knowledge.

  • Create a Productive Linkage for all members (Network and Advise) to help with Career Advancements by sharing job opportunities for those in need.

  • Cultivate a Culture for members to get a sense of belonging and fulfillment.


· Member & Professional Growth

· Education

· Honesty, Integrity & Ethics

· Inclusive & Supportive

· Responsibility & Accountability

· Everyone is a Mentor

· Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

· Choice & Mutual Respect

· Technical Expertise